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Published in 1996, Honda Vietnam is a cooperative business partnership of the 3 companies : Honda Motor (Japan), Asian Honda Motor (Thailand), Tổng Công ty Máy Động Lực và Máy Nông nghiệp Việt Nam with the 2 main products: motor cycles and auto mobiles. After 20 years of operating in Vietnam, Honda Vietnam is currently having 76,8% share of the motor cycles market (VAMM, 2018)


Honda Việt Nam
Website: https://www.honda.com.vn/




The reason Honda chose us

The Portrait of Public Bus Passengers:

  •  A wide range of age, from students to the elders: below the age of 23 (18.8%), 23-30 (28.10%), 31-45 (42.80%), higher than 45 years old (10.30%)

  • 28.6% of the passenger use daily ticket, while the other 71.4% have monthly pass. These passenger with monthly pass are the potential customers for Honda, which are likely to have no personal vehicle.

The outstanding watch time:

  • Average watch time: 20 minutes per passenger

  • Ads loop time is 7 minutes per loop, which could be consider 81 loops per day minimum

  • Average number of passenger is 960 passengers per bus per day.

Suitable for branding, new product activation, attractive and memorable

  • Real-time reports and editing


The execution of the campaign

Every campaign starts with the first contact. We are always welcoming and will quickly process your request within 24 hours.

The campaign started from 13/08/2019 to 30/08/2019

Honda chose route number 26 because this route is:

  • Operating in districts/suburb with high number of traffic/population
  • Serving many universities student
  • Going through many Office Building
  • Number of buses in this route: 20 buses.


Reports and Analysis

The total spots: 79,752 spots

The estimated passengers: 345,600 passengers

The estimated watch time: 39,876 minutes

A survey was conducted show that, 93% passengers asked can recall Honda TVC


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Why Honda chose us?

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