About Golden Gate Group

Golden Gate has been published since 2005, and been one of the biggest restaurant chain since then. Golden Gate is managing 20 different brands and 300 restaurants (and expanding) across Vietnam. 

The reason they chose us

September 2019, Golden Gate launched the campaign: #U22 BACK TO SCHOOL – MAKE IT FUN – NƯỚNG HẾT MỌI LĂN TĂN VỚI BUFFET U22 CHỈ 199K/NGƯỜI targeting students, in order to generate sales for the BBQ chain Gogi

On the other hand, Yutang – The Bubble Tea Franchise under the management of the company launched a campaign to strengthen its image in the customers’ minds.

Lý do Golden Gate chọn Saga Media là một kênh quảng cáo cho chiến dịch của mình

Saga Media provides the solution for reaching Golden Gate’s targeted customers: Students/Young customers are also taking a major shares in the total bus passengers. We provide 24-inch LCD Screens with Full HD resolution that gather the attention of bus passengers effectively.

Outstanding watch-time:

  • Average watch-time per passenger is 20 minutes

  • Maximum 7 ads per loop (minimum 81 loops per day)

  • 960 passengers per day per bus (according to Transerco, 2018)

Suitable for branding, product activation, gather attention and easy to recall.

Advertisers will be given access to realtime reports and be able to edit the campaign spontaneously.

The execution of Golden Gate campaign

Every campaign starts with the first contact. We are always welcoming and will quickly process your request within 24 hours.

The campaign started from 13/08/2019 to 30/08/2019

Honda chose route number 26 because this route is:

  • Operating in districts/suburb with high number of traffic/population
  • Serving many universities student
  • Going through many Office Building
  • Number of buses in this route: 20 buses.

Report and Analysis

The total spots: 79,752 spots

The estimated passengers: 345,600 passengers

The estimated watch time: 80,000 minutes

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Golden Gate Group used LCD Screens on Buses to campaign activation

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